Therapy Pipeline


Regenerative Potential beyond treating Acute Myocardial Ischemia

The PiCSO Impulse System is a technology platform designed to improve clinical outcome of patients with impaired cardiac function resulting from different causes.

First clinical data show that also heart failure patients may benefit from even only short periods of PiCSO by improving structural integrity and induction of regenerative pulses.

Based on this, further research activities are conducted for the treatment of Heart Failure patients, aiming to reverse the adverse mechanisms of the failing heart.

The above graph shows the modes of action of PiCSO: Redistribution of flow and washout, as well as Mechanotransduction, leading to the independent principles of PiCSO namely salvage and regeneration & cardioprotection.1

  • [1] Mohl et al. Cardiovasc. Revasc. Medicine, Vol. 16, 1, Jan–Feb 2015, 36-46