PiCSO® Therapy

PiCSO Impulse Console – PCI

The PiCSO Impulse Console automatically operates the PiCSO Impulse Catheter. The balloon is intermittently inflated and deflated using helium, based on coronary sinus pressure and synchronized with the ECG.

The monitor displays the inflation/ deflation state of the balloon, as well as trend graphs and time counters; Live graphs display curves and numeric values of ECG, CSP, AP and auxiliary input.

It is easy to use and provides direct feedback on the patient’s individual therapy using the ‘PiCSO Quantity’, which is defined as the sum of coronary sinus pressure modulation for all PiCSO cycles applied.

All data are automatically stored and can be retrieved for later analysis for each patient. The unit is transportable and runs on battery supply if needed during patient transportation.

PiCSO Impulse Catheter

The Miracor PiCSO Impulse Catheter is an 8 French triple-lumen catheter with a low profile, semi-compliant balloon and an atraumatic distal tip. It is inserted in a standard over-the-wire technique via the femoral vein and placed in the coronary sinus using a steerable guide sheath. Two marker bands show the extension of the balloon in the coronary sinus.

The PiCSO balloon inflation and deflation is controlled fully automatic by the PiCSO Impulse Console using the unique, proprietary ‘Wien Algorithm’ which continuously monitors coronary sinus pressure dynamics and automatically sets the time of occlusion and release phases based on the patient’s coronary sinus pressure and synchronized with the ECG.

The catheter is maintained in the coronary sinus using an innovative outer hypotube which is laser cut to provide gradual flexibility for easy access into the coronary sinus. The catheter is connected to the console through two pneumatic tubes through which helium is shuttled to and from the balloon and the internal balloon pressure is constantly monitored. In addition, the coronary sinus pressure is monitored through the center lumen of the catheter.